Bill Gates: ‘I’m Generally In Favor’ Of The Rich Paying More In Taxes

The majority of millionaires (“job creators” in the GOP’s parlance) support higher taxes on the wealthy. Today on ABC’s This Week, Microsoft founder Bill Gates added his voice to the chorus, scoffing at the idea that the rich would riot over a marginal tax increase. “I just can’t imagine these millionaires and billionaires going down and barricading the streets because they are going to have to pay 4 or 5 percent more in taxes. I mean, it’s going to be rough for them,” he quipped. “There’s certainly a case to be made that taxes should be more progressive,” he added. When asked whether he agrees with the Buffett rule, he noted that the revenues needed cannot be raised completely off the top income bracket but he said, “I’m generally in favor of the idea that the rich should pay somewhat more.” Watch it: