Hoyer Slams GOP’s BBA Effort: ‘You Don’t Need An Amendment’ To Balance The Budget

The same day conservative Blue Dog Democrats endorsed the job-killing Republican Balanced Budget Amendment, House Democrats led by Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) pushed back against the plan and announced firm opposition. Hoyer, who voted for an amendment in 1995, is now “unapologetically whipping against the 2011 version,” which the House will vote on tomorrow. Asked if voting against the BBA would be tough for Democrats, Hoyer slammed Republicans who built up trillions in debt without paying for it when they controlled Congress, Politico reports: “It’s not a tough vote to pretend you’re going to go for a balanced budget by having something like that on the floor,” Hoyer said. “If you want to fight a war — pay for it. If you want to have a prescription drug program — pay for it. … You don’t need an amendment to do it.”