GOP Sen. Coburn: My ‘Most Liberal’ Colleagues Are ‘More Intellectually Honest’ Regarding The Deficit

As Senate Republicans continue to stand against raising taxes on millionaires — even if it means the current payroll tax cut that’s benefiting every working American expires — Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) took to C-Span today to say he believes that, when it comes to discussing the deficit, his “most liberal” colleagues are “more intellectually honest,” due to their willingness to look at both spending and revenue:

All of us are going to give a little something if we’re going to get out of the hole we’re in. Everybody’s going to see something different…I think it’s better for us to take the pain that we’re going to have to take and make sure it’s meted out in the proper order than take much more severe pain. When I talk to my colleagues on the other side, and some of my closest colleagues are the most liberal, I find them more intellectually honest oftentimes, the very people they want to help, unless we change these [government programs] now are the very people who are going to get hurt if we don’t fix it.

Watch it:

Coburn is absolutely a staunch conservative with whom we disagree on most budgetary issues, but to his credit, he has consistently said that new revenue needs to be a part of any realistic deficit reduction package, acknowledging what the vast majority of his Republican colleagues won’t. He has said it’s “pretty stupid and naive” for Republicans and anti-tax zealots like Grover Norquist to think that a budget deal won’t include new revenue, accurately pointing out the depths to which government revenue has plunged in recent years.