New Campaign Asks Millionaire Kim Kardashian To Support A Millionaires Tax In 2012

America’s favorite famous person Kim Kardashian is famous for just getting famous. But as she ascends to the ranks of the 1 percent, its her millions that are now getting all the attention.

The Courage Campaign, an online progressive organizing network, is asking this Kardashian to support a millionaires tax in California this year, in order to pay her fair share. As the Courage campaign points out, Kardashian made about $11.9 million more than a middle-class Californian in 2011 while paying only 1 percent more in taxes. Watch the campaign video:

As ThinkProgress Economy editor Pat Garofalo notes, 2009 saw over 1,000 households pay no federal income tax on their income of a million or more thanks to tax loopholes and shelters. Indeed, “tax rates for millionaires have fallen by 25 percent since the mid-’90s, while one quarter of millionaires currently pay lower tax rates than the average middle-class household.”

The Courage Campaign points out that if Kardashian pays a little more, she’ll help “fund education and critical services.” After all, in what is painfully obvious to her reality show’s millions of viewers, “not everyone is born a Kardashian.”