Romney-Backer Nikki Haley: ‘No,’ Not Fair To Hold Romney Accountable On 100,000 Jobs Claim

On the trail, GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney often touts that his former company, Bain Capital, created 100,000 jobs, even though his campaign has yet to provide supporting evidence. Fact-checking outlets have called the claim “shaky,” “short on evidence,” and “untenable,” and Romney’s campaign may now be backing off the assertion.

But last night, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) — who gave her much-sought after endorsement to Romney — told Fox News host Sean Hannity that it’s not fair for people to hold Romney accountable on the jobs claim:

HANNITY: Newt’s saying, though, that the governor’s record, whether or not he created 100,000 jobs net net net is fair game. Do you agree with that?

HALEY: You know, with all due respect to Mr. Gingrich, no. I mean —

HANNITY: It’s not fair to ask? That’s not fair?

HALEY: Well, I think what you have to understand is what does the private sector do? I come from a business background. I know that when times are tough, we have to make hard decisions — we never want to let people go. have to let people go. And when times are good, you love to expand.

Watch it:

Romney’s campaign has already admitted that the 100,000 number is, for all intents and purposes, bogus. Perhaps that’s why Romney himself has been revising his job creation claim downward over the last few days.