Hundreds Of Protesters March To Conservative Action Conference To ‘Occupy CPAC’

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Hundreds of protesters, chanting “We are the 99 percent” and waving signs decrying corporate tax dodging and other issues, marched in front of the Marriott Wardman hotel in Woodley Park, the site of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, this afternoon.

Occupy CPAC, as protesters dubbed it, featured a giant inflatable “corporate fat cat,” and four protesters were dressed in blue and white baseball uniforms (resembling those of the Los Angeles Dodgers) that read “Tax Dodgers,” a reference to presidential candidate Mitt Romney. For more than a half hour, the protesters chanted and marched outside the hotel.

View pictures of the protest:

Many of the conference’s attendees ventured out of the hotel to watch the protests, and as protesters chanted “We are the 99 percent!” one attendee screamed back, “No, you are the bottom one percent!” Others stood around laughing, while one looked to another attendee and said, “G–damn Occupiers. F–k those guys. This is America.”

As a group of protesters attempted to move up the hotel’s driveway toward the entrance, police blocked them and threatened them with arrest for violating public property rights. At that point, members of the media covering CPAC who had gone outside to cover the protest were also forced back into the hotel with threats of arrest. According to one organizer affiliated with the march, roughly 500 protesters participated in the march.