Econ 101: March 13, 2012

Welcome to ThinkProgress Economy’s morning link roundup. This is what we’re reading. Have you seen any interesting news? Let us know in the comments section. You can also follow ThinkProgress Economy on Twitter.

  • The Federal Reserve is resisting attempts to have Chairman Ben Bernanke testify in a class-action suit against Bank of America. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The Obama administration plans to press the World Trade Organization to break China’s restrictions on rare-earth minerals. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Spain and the rest of he Eurozone are in a standoff over the Spanish budget. [CNBC]
  • Yahoo is suing Facebook for patent infringement. [Reuters]
  • Only 14 percent of workers feel “very confident” that they will have enough money to live comfortably in retirement; 23 percent are “not at all confident.” [CNN Money]
  • House Republicans are promoting a temporary tax break for small businesses, after deriding a temporary payroll tax break as “sugar high economics.” [The Hill]
  • U.S. banks bought more government debt in the first two months of 2012 than in all of last year. [Bloomberg]