Top Housing Regulator Delays Decision On Mortgage Relief

The nation’s top housing regulator has indefinitely delayed a decision on mortgage relief for American homeowners, American Banker reports. Federal Housing Finance Agency head Edward DeMarco, who oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, will not make a decision on principal reduction before the end of April as planned, an agency spokesperson said. “FHFA continues to work on its principal forgiveness analysis and is in discussions with the Department of the Treasury,” a spokeswoman for the agency said Friday. “A final determination on the Treasury proposal for triple investor incentives for Hamp Principal Reduction Alternative is being deferred until we conclude these activities.” DeMarco has consistently opposed principal reduction, even though it could save the FHFA billions of dollars and protect homeowners from foreclosure. Under pressure from congressional Democrats and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, he agreed to reconsider the proposal earlier this month.