Maine Gov. LePage To Unemployed: ‘Get Off The Couch And Get A Job’

Gov. Paul LePage (R-ME)

Gov. Paul LePage (R-ME)

In his first year and a half as Maine’s Governor, Paul LePage (R) has made headlines time and again for his extremist views and hateful rhetoric. This was to be expected from the man who, during his 2010 campaign, promised voters that they see headlines saying “Governor LePage tells Obama to go to hell!

But even given his history of obnoxious bluster and stupid comments, a line from his Sunday speech to the Maine Republican State Convention revealed just how callous and clueless he is about the problems facing his constituents.

A Dirigo Blue video of LePage’s speech includes a section in whcih he talks about the need for welfare reform. He told the assembled convention delegates:

LePAGE: There is such thing as a free lunch, but you’re picking up the tab. Maine’s welfare program is cannibalizing the rest of state government. I am compassionate and committed to our children, our elderly, and our disabled. But to all you able-bodied people out there, get off the couch and get yourself a job.

Watch the video:

If LePage had done his research, he would know that even with the job growth the nation has seen in recent months, there are still 3.4 job seekers for every one job opening. And this has been made worse by public sector job cuts — LePage’s Maine reduced its public sector workforce by five percent over the past year, the second largest reduction in the country.

Later in the speech, LePage promised he and his allies in the legislature would tackle the issue, boasting “Republicans are not the party of kicking the can down the road.” Apparently, they prefer kicking the unemployed and insulting them in the process.