Econ 101: May 9, 2012

Welcome to ThinkProgress Economy’s morning link roundup. This is what we’re reading. Have you seen any interesting news? Let us know in the comments section. You can also follow ThinkProgress Economy on Twitter.

  • Members of Occupy Wall Street are planning to protest at Bank of America’s headquarters during its annual shareholders meeting this week. [CNN Money]
  • A backlog of refinancing requests is delaying mortgage relief for hundreds of thousands of Americans. [Wall Street Journal]
  • How Europe’s austerity backlash might change U.S. politics. [Businessweek]
  • A growing number of Americans are looking to take advantage of a 2009 initiative that lets them reduce their student loan payments. [Reuters]
  • The House today is expected to pass a reauthorization of the Export-Import bank. [The Hill]
  • Some lenders are pushing homeowners into foreclosure by forcing them tp purchase exorbitant insurance policies. [Bloomberg]
  • Twitter Inc is fighting a subpoena asking it to turn over the records of an Occupy protester who was arrested last year. [Reuters]