Romney Seeking Retraction Of Washington Post Outsourcing Story (Updated)

The Washington Post last week published a piece laying out how six companies owned by the private equity firm Bain Capital helped outsource jobs to several low-wage countries, including China and Mexico, while Mitt Romney was its CEO. Romney responded at the time by saying that the Post did not adequately distinguish between”outsourcing” and “offshoring.” Now, according to Politico’s Dylan Byers, Romney is seeking a retraction of the story, arguing that it “failed to adequately account for the support these firms gave to U.S. exports or U.S. businesses through foreign hiring.” Representatives of the Romney campaign are meeting with editors of the Post today. The Romney campaign has also been arguing that the Post story is unfair because the Obama campaign outsources jobs to Nebraska.


The Washington Post is sticking with the story, telling Politico, “We are very confident in our reporting.”

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