GOP Senate Candidate Refuses To Release Economic Models Backing Up Her Jobs Plan

Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon has released an analysis of her jobs plan purporting to show that it would save $1.7 trillion over nine years for the federal government. However, the campaign has thus far refused to release the economic models backing up its assertion:

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon, as part of her jobs plan, has an analysis that claims to produce a “positive (federal) budgetary impact of nearly $1.7 trillion over 9 years,” but her campaign has failed to produce the economic models to back it up.

Steven Lanza, a professor of economics at the University of Connecticut and executive editor of The Connecticut Economy, said it would be impossible to verify that conclusion without the models.

The budgetary impact of McMahon’s plan was done by John Dunham and Associates of New York, which has accolades on its website from the Beer Institute, the American Meat Institute and others for lobbying analyses he did for their trade associations. […]

Dunham, when contacted at his office in Brooklyn, N.Y., said he was happy to share the models he used to support his analysis of McMahon’s jobs plan, but said they were now the property of her campaign, which has failed to produce them after numerous requests.

The particular firm McMahon used, as the New Haven register noted, has done other analyses that independent experts have cast serious doubt upon, including a “tax calculator” used by McMahon.

But during her last run for the Senate in 2010, McMahon didn’t seem overly concerned with getting the details regarding her policy positions right. But she would surely personally benefit from her current set of prescriptions, which would allow her to pay a tax rate lower than many middle-class families.