GOP Senator Only Favors ‘One Compromise’: ‘That All Spending Be Cut’

After Democrats racked up massive victories in this month’s elections, Tea Party Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) announced that he’s willing to compromise on budget issues, as long as compromise only means “that all spending be cut.”

In a speech to incoming Republicans and the Tea Party Patriots in Washington DC on Friday, Paul addressed the looming fiscal showdown — just as some in his party are expressing a willingness to compromise on tax issues after the election.

However, Paul was having none of it. “There is one compromise I would be in favor of and that’s that all spending be cut,” he said to applause from the audience. Paul then went on to single out one item conservatives should be willing to cut — “waste in the military budget” — in return for liberals being willing to cut entitlements and welfare:

PAUL: There is one compromise I would be in favor of and that’s that all spending be cut. The reason why it’s a compromise though is I believe national defense is the most important thing we do up here, it is a constitutional function of government, we should do it. But my compromise is I’m willing to look at military spending and understand that not all of it is going toward national defense. […]

I think the compromise is conservative — we’re all conservatives who believe in a strong national defense — we compromise enough to say let’s look for some waste in the military budget. The liberals though have to compromise and say entitlements have to be fixed. We have to look at domestic welfare.

Watch it:

Not only is Paul’s “compromise” patently one-sided, it also skews heavily toward the side that lost the election. Americans actually prefer a solution that Paul didn’t even address: raising taxes on the wealthy. Indeed, 60 percent of voters, including a substantial share of GOPers, support increasing taxes on the wealthiest Americans, according to exit polling.