Poll Shows Americans Don’t Support Any Specific Spending Cuts

According to a recent poll by the Pew Research Center, while Americans may support spending cuts and deficit reduction in the abstract, it’s awfully hard to find any specific cut that can garner majority support. Budget cuts scheduled under the so-called “sequester” are set to go into effect next week, but if the poll is any indication, basically every sequester cut will be unpopular, as this chart shows:

The only area that came close to receiving majority support for cuts was foreign aid, but even then, an equal number of people believe that it should stay the same or be increased as think it should be cut. Even amongst only Republicans, “there are only two possible reductions that draw majority support…foreign aid (70%) and unemployment assistance (56%).” (Republicans seem to have taken the latter to heart, cutting jobless benefits in several states.)

This is certainly not the first poll to show that Americans favor “spending cuts,” but are opposed to any actual spending cuts. Perhaps that’s why Republicans love to talk about spending cuts while failing to provide any specifics.