More Than One In Five U.S. Workers Is Working Part-Time

American workers are having a harder time finding full-time jobs, as the share of workers in part-time jobs grew to a multi-year high in February, according to a new survey from Gallup.

Just 43.3 percent of the workforce is now working in full-time jobs, the survey found, down from February 2012. The share of the workforce in part-time jobs grew to 20.6 percent last month, up from just 17.6 percent in July:

These part-time jobs rarely “provide an employee with enough money to live on” and “tend[] to have limited benefits,” making it hard for workers to support themselves and their families. But even many of the full-time jobs added since the end of the Great Recession aren’t enough for workers to make ends meet. A majority of jobs added since the recession have been in low-wage sectors, according to the Economic Policy Institute, and one-in-four American workers will be in low-wage jobs for the next decade.

At the same time, corporate profits are at record highs, even as workers’ wages are falling to record lows. Profits have risen nearly 20 times faster than incomes, and 88 percent of income growth during the recovery went to corporate profits, while just one percent went to workers’ wages.