Some Target Employees Will Have To Miss Thanksgiving Dinner This Year

CREDIT: AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

Target announced on Monday that it will open its doors at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day this year, beginning Black Friday shopping a day early. It will stay open until 11 p.m. or midnight the next day, November 27. That means some employees will have to report to work during mealtime on the national holiday.

In its statement, the store said it “works closely with its team members to understand scheduling preferences for the holidays.” It also said that anyone who works on a holiday, including Thanksgiving, will get time-and-a-half their regular hourly rate and extra “holiday premium pay” on top of that. Last year, employees reported being banned from asking for the day off and those who were scheduled for the day but didn’t show up risked being fired.


CREDIT: Dylan Petrohilos

Target is the second store this year to announce opening hours on the holiday itself after Macy’s made a similar announcement last month — although, since there were 12 stores last year that were also open, more may soon follow. At least one store has reversed course, however; Staples, which was open on Thanksgiving last year, decided that it will be closed this year so that “customers and associates [can] enjoy Thanksgiving their own way.”


CREDIT: Dylan Petrohilos

Others have already announced they will also stay closed, including GameStop, Mattress Firm, and REI, which will also close on Black Friday and pay employees for the day off. Reports of a sign at Nordstrom indicate that it will decide to stay closed this year again as well. Last year, at least 18 brands said they were keeping their doors shut and not requiring employees to come to work.

Those stores may be paying attention to holiday sales numbers from last year, which showed that opening on Thanksgiving Day didn’t boost overall sales. It did, however, come with a risk of consumer backlash.