Obama Swept States With The Most Educated Workforces And The Highest Paid Teachers

Barack Obama fared well across the country Tuesday night, winning 332 electoral votes en route to a second term as president. Nowhere did he perform better, however, than in states that place the highest emphasis on education.

Of the 10 most educated states, measured by the percentage of residents over 25 years old who have a bachelor’s degree or higher, Obama swept all 10. Conversely, among the 10 least educated states, Obama lost 9 states.

Here are the 10 most educated states, with those Obama won underlined. The percentage of residents over 25 with a college degree is in parentheses:

Most educated states Least educated states
Massachusetts (39.1%) West Virginia (18.5%)
Maryland (36.9%) Mississippi (19.8%)
Colorado (36.7%) Arkansas (20.3%)
Connecticut (36.2%) Kentucky (21.1%)
Vermont (35.4%) Louisiana (21.1%)
New Jersey (35.3%) Alabama (22.3%)
Virginia (35.1%) Nevada (22.5%)
New Hampshire (33.4%) Indiana (23.0%)
New York (32.9%) Tennessee (23.6%)
Minnesota (32.4%) Oklahoma (23.8%)

Similarly, states that invested the most in teachers went overwhelmingly for Obama. He swept the 10 states with highest average public school teacher salaries. Among states in the bottom 10 for average teacher salaries, Obama won just one.

Here are the best and worst states for teacher salaries, with states Obama carried underlined and average salary in parentheses:

States with highest average teacher salaries States with lowest average teacher salaries
California ($63,640) South Dakota ($35,378)
Connecticut ($60,822) North Dakota ($38,822)
New Jersey ($59,584) Mississippi ($40,182)
New York ($59,559) West Virginia ($40,531)
Massachusetts ($58,257) Utah ($41,156)
Illinois ($58,246) Montana ($41,225)
Maryland ($56,927) Missouri ($41,751)
Rhode Island ($55,956) Nebraska ($42,044)
Michigan ($55,526) Maine ($42,103)
Pennsylvania ($54,970) Oklahoma ($42,379)

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