Leading Senate Dem Dick Durbin Hammers Romney Over Swiss Bank Account

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (R-IL) slammed presumed GOP nominee Mitt Romney for using a Swiss bank account and refusing to release more years of tax returns.

“When is the last time a presidential candidate had a Swiss bank? I think the answer is never,” Durbin said on a conference call organized by the Obama campaign.

The number two Democrat in the Senate said he asked billionaire investor Warren Buffett if he’d ever owned an an account in the tax friendly nation.” “‘Nope,'” Durbin said, quoting Buffett , “‘there are plenty of good banks in the United States.'”

Durbin said there are only two reasons to hold a Swiss bank account: “Number one, you believe the Swiss Franc is a stronger currency than the United States Dollar. And that apparently was the decision the Romney family made during the Bush presidency.”

“And secondly, you want to hide something, you want to conceal something,” He said. “It is impossible for him to explain or defend owning a Swiss bank account.”

Meanwhile, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina noted that while Romney will only release two years of tax returns this year, he gave Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) 23 years worth of returns when being considered for vice presidential spot in 2008. “Here’s the question: Why is okay for him to give John McCain 23 years, and the American public only two?” Messina asked.