After Bankrolling Pro-Santorum Super PAC Ad Blitz, Foster Friess Mounted His Own

Foster Friess

Foster Friess

With his sexist remarks about aspirin as birth control and his $1.6 million in donations to the pro-Santorum Red, White, and Blue Fund, and his shocking joke yesterday about assassinating President Obama, multi-millionaire Foster Friess has been a constant presence in the news over the course of this presidential campaign.

But new Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings out yesterday reveal that in the final weeks before Rick Santorum’s withdrawal from the race, Friess struck out on his own in support of the candidate. Friess personally bankrolled a series of pro-Santorum newspaper and radio ads, printed grip cards, and gatherings without funneling the money through an outside group, with at least $71,614.11 in his own independent expenditures.

Like super PACs and corporations, individuals may legally run unlimited “independent expenditures” in support of their favored candidates, but it is exceedingly rare to see someone open their wallet directly, in this fashion.

In Wisconsin, he ran a minute-long spot about why he believed Rick Santorum was, “the only candidate capable of beating President Obama in November.” Friess told listeners:

When others say one thing in the primary elections and then another in the general election, Rick Santorum stays strong in his positions. Rasmussen polls show Santorum being President Obama by four percentage points in the four core states of Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia, while Mitt Romney loses by four points.

Listen to it here.

Yesterday, the Romney campaign reached out to Friess, who in turn pledged to support the apparent GOP nominee.

It will be fascinating to see how much of his money he invests in support of a candidate he has so clearly said is incapable of winning in November.