Manufactured Scandal Fail: CNN Poll Shows Obama With Huge Lead Among Women Over Romney

The Romney campaign’s efforts to win women voters with a ginned-up controversy last week over a Democratic strategist’s comments on Ann Romney appears to have fallen short, as new CNN poll taken this weekend finds President Obama with a formidable 16 point lead among women over his presumed GOP challenger:

— Among women, Obama has a 16 point lead over Romney, 55 percent to 39 percent — virtually unchanged from last month.

— Asked to the name the candidate who “is in touch with the problems facing women today,” 55 percent said Obama, 27 percent said Romney. That’s a 28 point gap.

Obama is also ahead on almost every other key issue. For instance, 51 percent saying Obama “is in touch with the problems facing middle class Americans today,” compared to just 33 percent who said Romney. Meanwhile, a wide margin pick Obama as the best candidate who “can handle the responsibilities of commander in chief,” 52 percent to 36 percent.

By a greater than ten points margin each, respondents picked Obama over Romney as more “likable,” “honest and trustworthy,” inspiring, admirable, and as the “strong and decisive leader.”