Is Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell Running Ads For His Vice Presidency Campaign?

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) is preparing to run a flight of positive political ads in the commonwealth through his PAC. While this is no big deal for any politician ahead of an election, McDonnell is not facing an election and couldn’t run again for governor even if he wanted to because of term limits.

McDonnell is, however, a potential pick for the Republican vice presidential nominee, leading some to speculate that the ad campaign is an attempt to make him more appealing to likely presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

As the Washington Post noted, McDonnell, who has been popular most of his term, has been facing trouble lately, making the ads seem like a clear ploy to boost his favorability. His approval rating is down at least five points from February, thanks to the legislature’s inability to pass a budget and the state’s infamous bill requiring women who want an abortion to be vaginally probed first.

Obviously, most people don’t “run for” the vice presidency, so this would be a highly unusual move by McDonnell. But it looks like he’ll need all the help he can get, if he does hope to be VP, as a CNN poll out today found that just 1 percent of Republicans want him to be second name on the ticket.