Mitt Romney Blames Obama For Bad Economy At Factory That Was Shuttered Under Bush

Romney's event yesterday

Yesterday, presumed GOP nominee Mitt Romney made a major campaign stop at the shuttered factory where then-candidate Obama spoke in 2008. The National Gypsum plant has since closed, and Romney said that fact “underscores the failure of this president’s policies with regards to getting the economy working again.”

But Romney’s implication that the plant’s closing is a result of Obama’s economic policies is undercut by the fact that the plant closed before Obama took office. The factory closed in June 2008, when George W. Bush was still president.

This isn’t the first time the Romney campaign has tried to blame Obama for something that happened under his predecessor. The campaign’s central piece of evidence in arguing that Obama has been bad for women — that 92 percent of job losses under Obama were from women — counts job losses that occurred from the beginning of January 2009, even though Obama wasn’t sworn in until the end of that month.