GOP Congressman: Wisconsin Recall Elections Are ‘Voter Theft’

Wisconsin’s recall elections this year give Wisconsinites a chance to vote and hold their elected officials accountable. But to Rep. Reid Ribble (R-WI), the recall efforts are the best example of “voter theft,” not democracy.

At a town hall last week, Ribble argued that a recall election is “trying to undo your vote:”

RIBBLE: Beyond the $9 million cost of holding another election, I want you to know that this is trying to undo your vote. This is trying to steal from you your vote. You talk about voter ID? This is true voter theft.

Watch it:

In fact, everyone who is registered to vote in Wisconsin is able to vote in a recall election, so it is no different than a regular election. If anything, the recall should only serve as an affirmation of one’s vote, not an affront to it.