Senate Campaign Advised By Top Romney Advisor: Failure To Release Taxes Means You Are ‘Hiding Something’

Mitt Romney and Scott Brown

Very, very dear friends Mitt Romney and Scott Brown

As he released six years’ worth of tax returns today, Sen. Scott Brown’s (R-MA) campaign predictably launched an attack on his Democratic opponent, Elizabeth Warren, for not being as forthright, saying in a press release that she is “clearly hiding something”:

By refusing to release her tax returns for 2006 and 2007, she is clearly hiding something. What is in her tax returns during these years that Warren is so afraid voters might learn? In the interest of openness and transparency, Professor Warren has an obligation to release the same information that Scott Brown is making available.”

But Brown’s “very, very dear friend” Mitt Romney has refused to release more than two year’s worth of his own tax returns. Brown endorsed Romney in 2010, before the former Massachusetts governor even got into the race. And Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom, who also dismissed calls for more tax return transparency by saying “we think that’s sufficient,” is also an adviser to Brown.

If the Brown campaign is to be consistent, it must believe that Romney is “clearly hiding something” in his earlier tax returns that he is “afraid voters might learn.” And “in the interest of openness and transparency,” they would almost certainly say Romney “has an obligation to release the same information” that President Obama has made available — releasing 12 years worth of his tax returns.

The Brown campaign did not immediately respond to a request from ThinkProgress for his tax returns for 1998 through 2005 — years he served in the Massachusetts state legislature. One wonders if, by his own standard, his decision to release his returns only dating back to 2006 indicates he is “hiding something” he is “afraid voters might learn.”