Study Shows ‘Independent’ Scott Brown Votes With GOP When It Counts

Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) calls himself an “independent voice for Massachusetts,” but when push comes to shove, he votes with his party on the vast majority of key votes. An new analysis by ProgressMass reveals that on key cloture votes where a majority backed legislation but lacked the 60 votes necessary to overcome a minority filibuster, Brown voted with Republicans to filibuster a stunning 76 percent of the time. “On the votes where he could have displayed true bipartisan leadership, Republican Scott Brown overwhelmingly supported his right-wing Republican colleagues, choosing partisan obstruction over getting something accomplished for the American people,” observed ProgressMass spokesman Mathew Helman. This loyalty may explain the huge financial support Brown has received from the GOP establishment. It also may explain why wealthy New York City interests have contributed more to Brown than have his constituents in Boston.