Top Romney Surrogate Applauds Romney For Not Laying Out Specific Policies

On Face the Nation Sunday morning, former Mississippi Governor and Romney campaign surrogate Haley Barbour (R) defended the presumptive Republican nominee from criticism over his refusal to outline any specific policy proposals by trying to spin it as a smart political move:

At the end of the day, Mitt Romney also has to give people something to vote for. I think that is more a matter of timing. I think right now, Romney is smart to wait before he starts laying out proposals after proposals. But he ultimately will.

Voters have been waiting a long time for Mitt Romney to take clear positions on any number of policies. In just the last few weeks, the Romney campaign has failed to provide any specifics on foreign policy, veterans issues, immigration policy, and how he would pay for his trillions of dollars in tax cuts for the rich.

Complicating matters further, Romney has a long track record of disavowing many policies he has previously supported, making it especially difficult for voters to accurately judge a potential Romney presidency.

Watch Barbour’s remarks: