GOP Open-Sources Party Platform, Republican Voters Respond With Progressive Suggestions

If voters have their input, ending wars and stopping subsidies might make it into the Republican party platform.

The GOP launched a website yesterday that invites Republicans to make suggestions for what should be included in the GOP Party Platform, and in the first 24 hours respondents offered up an array of progressive issue positions for their leaders. The open-source system invites people to write up anything they think should be included, then allows others to “second” the idea. The ones with the most “seconds” will then be voted on.

Here are some of the ideas listed on the site right now:

Remove “Pro-Life” from the Party Platform
It has been almost 40 years since Roe v. Wade, and regardless how we feel about it, it is firmly established as the law of the land. In my opinion, it is more important to save our country by preserving liberty (both economic and individual) than to dwell on the abortion issue. If we let our country be destroyed by the Democrats, the abortion issue will hardly matter anyway.

End All Subsidies
End all energy subsidies (especially oil and gas), because they act as barriers to innovation. This will eventually bring down the cost of energy. All forms of energy should be able to compete within the free market.

The Anti-War Party
Bring home the troops and eliminate most basis in foreign countries. Don’t spread the military thin across the world. Declare war constitutionally through congress. Become the anti-war party.

800 bases in 120 foriegn nations is too costly and not needed
We are wasting so much on unneeded bases around the globe. Bring the troops and the associated funding back to the states.
We still have the best navy, submarines, long range missiles, stealth bombers and Marines.

Banning Indefinite Detentions
Proposed language:
“While we strongly support our military and our troops in harms way, we cannot allow the sacrifice of our essential liberties to an over reaching federal government. We support the U.S. District Court’s ruling to block section 1021 of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that allowed for the indefinite military detention of US Citizens…”

Avoid the topic of Same-Sex Marriage
Unfortunately I know most in our party do not agree with me, but I believe that if we continue to push back against Same-Sex marriage it will cause immense damage to our party for years to come. Polls already show that most young-Republicans are either in favor of same-sex marriage or in general do not care about this specific issue.

The open-source website allows voters to participate in party politics in a new way, and gives people mass input into what the GOP does. And anyone is welcome to take part. As the website says, “The best ideas often come from unexpected sources. If you have access to an internet connection (we assume you do if you are reading this), join now and submit your ideas.”