I Didn’t Build That: Ryan Event Host Touts Federal Support Of His Business

Vice Presidential pick Paul Ryan was put in an awkward position on Thursday when one of the speakers at his own campaign event bragged about getting government funding to help build his business.

Scott Perry is President of the Partnership for Defense Innovation, which recieved $7.5 million in earmarks over three years — under both Presidents Bush and Obama. Perry’s praise for government funding was odd, considering low public opinion of earmarks generally, and the Romney-Ryan campaign’s persistent focus on the fact that people build businesses themselves, not with the help of government.

Still, at Thursday’s event, Perry said, “this building that you are sitting in is an example, a success story, of federal appropriations that worked:”

Fiscal year 2008 and 2009, we put money together to build this facility — not only to build technology for our war fighter, but also to create jobs and generate revenue for the state of North Carolina, and for Fayetteville.

Watch it:

Interestingly, Paul Ryan voted in favor of two of the three earmark bills that gave Perry his funding.