Before Granting Interviews, Romney Demands Reporters Agree Not To Ask ‘About Abortion Or Todd Akin’

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On the campaign trail today, Mitt Romney refused to grant interviews to any reporters who wanted to know about his position on abortion, or about Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO), the Senate candidate whose “legitimate rape” comments sparked outrage over the weekend from Democrats and Republicans alike.

One CBS correspondent, Shaun Boyd, explained that only four local reporters got to talk to Romney because of his conditions. “The one stipulation to the interview,” she explained, “was that I not ask him about abortion, or Todd Akin”:

This move signals Romney’s ongoing commitment to dodge any press that might be unflattering, even after his resolution a few weeks ago to be more open to press appearances.

It also echoes the restrictions that Sarah Palin set on interviews during her vice presidential bid in 2008.


A Romney campaign spokesperson tells Politico, “This is not how we operate. The matter is being addressed.”

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A second television station confirmed to TPM that the Romney campaign would only grant an interview with these conditions.

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