Anti-Abortion Group Backs Scott Brown

Massachusetts Citizens for Life announced Thursday it plans to back Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) in his reelection bid against Elizabeth Warren. Brown has been attempting to portray himself as pro-choice to win over moderate Massachusetts after the “legitimate rape” comments by Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) drew attention to his party’s extreme anti-abortion positions.

But Anne Fox, president of the Massachusetts Citizens for Life, told the Boston Globe:

We consider him a senator who votes pro-life. We have to take his word for it when he says he is pro-choice. But what we’re looking for is someone who votes prolife, and he does.

Indeed, Brown has co-sponsored bills curtailing womens’ right to choose, including the Women’s Right To Know Act, which would require women to wait 24 hours and review pictures and information detailing the development of their fetus, and the infamous Blunt Amendment, which would strip women of any health coverage an employer or insurer opposed on moral grounds. Massachusetts Citizens for Life also backed Brown in his 2010 campaign, and as a senator he has sided with the National Right to Life Committee on four of its five key votes.