Kristol: Romney Didn’t Make ‘A Positive Case’ For His Candidacy At The GOP Convention

Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol criticized Mitt Romney for ignoring Afghanistan and U.S. troops in his speech to the Republican National Convention last week and today on Fox News Sunday, the influential conservative said he thought Romney could have said more about what he would actually do as president.

Kristol said Romney “did a pretty good job” of criticizing President Obama but said the GOP presidential nominee needed “to actually convince voters by making a positive case” for his candidacy, adding, “there was much less of that”:

CHRIS WALLACE: What did Romney need to do in Tampa and to what degree did he succeed? […]

KRISTOL: I thought that they should do a more forward looking emphasis on the next four years. They thought they’re comfortable with asking voters to pass judgement on the last four years and Kirsten’s right, just reassuring people about Mitt Romney.

You talk to the top Romney strategists, they use that word an awful lot. We have to reassure voters about Mitt Romney. He doesn’t hate women, he’s a likable guy. He’s a generous guy. The Republican Party is diverse. That’s enough, plus the case against Obama. That’s their theory of the race and they had a convention that fit with their theory of the race. If you believe and I’m more inclined to this other belief, that you need to actually convince voters by making a positive case for the Romney-Ryan ticket, there was much less of that.

Watch the clip:

Kristol later returned to his criticism of Romney’s speech ignoring Afghanistan and the troops. “It raises the question of how Mitt Romney would do things differently” in Afghanistan, he said. “Why not at least say a sentence of gratitude for our men and women who have fought over there in Afghanistan and Iraq? I think that was a mistake.”