EXCLUSIVE: Florida To Restart Voter Purge Prior To Presidential Election

Local election supervisors were informed this week that Florida plans to restart its controversial voter purge prior to the November 6 election. In a detailed PowerPoint presentation obtained by ThinkProgress, Governor Rick Scott’s Department of State lays out the plan.

The initial purge effort, conducted in May, informed hundreds of fully eligible U.S. citizens that Florida believed they were ineligible to vote. Among those targeted was a 91-year-old World War II veteran.

Election officials were told to expect a revised lists of voters for possible removal in two to three weeks but “not later than October 15, 2012.”

The presentation outlines a proceedure to “update” their flawed purge list by cross-checking it against a federal Department of Homeland Security database (SAVE). This task is apparently being done by hand and has not been completed since there is “no established automated process yet.”

The Florida Department of State acknolwedges that, in many cases, the federal SAVE database will not establish definitively whether or not someone is a U.S. citizen. In that case, they are directing election officials to mail them letters to “re-affirm registration status” and “remind them of eligibility requirements and that it is illegal to be registered and vote when someone is not a U.S. citizen.”

Volusia County Supervisor of Elections Ann McFall, a Republican who was recently informed of new purge, told ThinkProgress:

We’re 55 days in front of a huge election. It just doesn’t help us whatsoever. I went through the SAVE training today—it’s the most convoluted thing you’ve ever seen in your life. It’s awful.

Even if they got the list of names to us tomorrow, there wouldn’t be time. That person has due process. Anyone has due process in the state and country.

Florida claims that the purge proceedures they outline “is not subject to the 90-day moratorium preceding a federal election.” The Department of Justice disputes that interpretation and has sued Florida to stop the purge.


We’ve uploaded the full PowerPoint presentation outlining the new purge

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