Romney Stumps In Pennsylvania

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"Romney Stumps In Pennsylvania"

With just 39 days left until the election and polls showing that he is slipping behind President Obama nationally and in key swing states, Mitt Romney is holding a rally in Wayne, Pennsylvania on Friday afternoon. ThinkProgress will fact-check Romney’s stump speech and debunk his claims in real time.

12:28 pm

'I'm a nice guy'

Romney says he knows the voters aren’t here to see him, even though he’s a “nice guy.”

12:27 pm

Healthcare is not the big cloud over small businesses

Romney calls Obamacare a “big cloud” over small businesses that stops them from hiring, but health care reform will actually help small businesses.

12:26 pm

Romney and China

Romney often claims he will punish China for “cheating” — yet his firm invested in a Chinese firm that touted low wages, stringent working conditions and low tax liability.

12:25 pm

Median income dropped because of income inequality

Romney hitting Obama on median income dropping. In fact, income inequality — perpetuated by giving tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans — has caused this problem.

12:25 pm

Government and green energy

Romney brings up Fisker and Solyndra as examples of how government investment doesn’t work in the economy. The natural gas industry begs to differ — government support of shale gas led to today’s boom. Under Obama, renewables have doubled.

12:24 pm

Romney promises to create 12 million jobs

That’s actually not that impressive — “that’s about what you’d expect in terms of job creation in a normal American job market over four years.”

12:23 pm

'How did that last stimulus work out?'

Quite well, actually.

12:21 pm

Romney pledges no defense cuts

Romney would actually increase military spending above what the Pentagon has asked for, boosting the budget to 4 percent of GDP. That would require very large cuts in other programs if Romney also plans to reduce all federal spending to 20% of GDP by 2016.

12:18 pm

What about Voter ID?

Romney is touting an American model of freedom. Meanwhile, he’s speaking in a state where the Republican Governor has made voting much harder.

12:18 pm

The 'American Century'

Romney often calls for an American Century. Yesterday, he said that it’s “time for us to be America again” and regularly claims that America is “fueled by freedom.”

12:15 pm

Romney: 'I will not raise taxes on middle class Americans'

Romney’s budget plan would result in a tax hike of up to $4,000 on middle class families.

12:12 pm

Romney hits Obama for 'cutting the military'

The defense budget will be cut if Congress fails to cut spending and sequestration is implemented on Dec. 31. Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan voted for this mechanism and has long advocated for such a mechanism.

12:09 pm

Toomey hits Obama's 'failed policies'

Toomey hit President Obama’s “failed policies” for the weak state of the economy, despite the fact that his administration successfully reversed all of the job losses that occurred in the last two years of the George W. Bush presidency.

12:07 pm

Crowd boos Reid

Crowd loudly boos Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), as Toomey suggests that Reid would make a better minority leader. Reid and Romney have been feuding this entire election season.

11:43 am

Pat Toomey introduces Romney

The Pennsylvania senator has proposed a budget that’s even more radical than Ryan’s.


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