Florida Republican Volunteer Tells Senior Citizens: Obama Is A ‘Muslim’ Who Will ‘Get Rid Of Your Medicare’

A volunteer for the Republican Party of Clay County, Florida called President Obama a “Muslim” and said that he would “get rid of your Medicare” while calling voters on behalf of Mitt Romney.

In audio obtained by a Tampa-area radio station, the woman made the remarks directly to senior citizens, but her comments were recorded by an answering machine from a previous number:

Well think really heard, you all sound like senior citizens, no? …. Yea, you don’t want Obama, you don’t want Obama because he’ll get rid of your Medicare. You might as well say goodbye to it. … Yea, and I don’t know if you have done any research on Obama or not, but he is a Muslim. He has got a socialistic view on the government, economy, the whole nine yards. If he had his way, we would be a socialistic country. …. Pay attention to Fox News. If you can get out and watch that movie 2016, do so, it has a lot of really good information. Just really read the newspapers and Fox News will help you.


The head of the Clay GOP, Leslie Dougher, said the caller went off script, but “wasn’t sure if the woman was still making calls.” “It was off-script completely. We have everything scripted,” Dougher added. “Those are clearly not the views of the Republican Party of Clay County or the Mitt Romney campaign.”