Casino Mogul Bets Big On Republican Senate Candidate In Virginia

Billionaire Sheldon Adelson is spending tens of millions of dollars on Republicans this election cycle — and now he’s adding Senate candidate George Allen (R-VA) to his list of beneficiaries. The casino mogul has donated $1.5 million to pro-Allen PAC Independence Virginia, becoming its biggest donor by half a million dollars.

Allen’s PAC has spent about $2.3 million in an effort to defeat former governor Tim Kaine (D-VA), whose supporters have far less outside cash on hand. Adelson tops the list of campaign donors this election season, having pledged $100 million to Republicans.

If elected to the senate, Allen is likely to support Mitt Romney’s tax plan, which the Center for American Progress Action Fund estimated would save Adelson more than $2 billion in taxes. Allen has also advocated for a 20 percent corporate tax rate — even lower than Romney’s proposed 25 percent. During Allen’s last stint in the Senate, he proved to be very friendly to wealthy business owners and special interests, voting for the Bush tax cuts as well as tax cuts for oil and coal companies.

In 2006, Allen lost his Senate seat after he was caught on camera referring to an Indian American Democratic staffer by the racial slur “macaca.”