After Election Day Chaos, Florida Governor Rick Scott Defends Decision To Limit Voting

Voters waiting in line in Miami-Dade County

Though Mitt Romney eventually conceded Florida to President Obama, the state still hasn’t finished counting ballots after a nightmarish Election Day, which saw voters waiting in line for up to 7 hours. Governor Rick Scott (R-FL) was largely blamed for the chaos after he cut early voting days and refused to extend hours when it became clear that the polling locations were overwhelmed by the crush of Floridians trying to cast their ballots.

But the governor is sticking to his decision, repeatedly telling reporters that he “did the right thing” by cutting early voting. When confronted by a local station WKMG, Scott insisted that “the right thing happened” before simply walking away from the question:

REPORTER: Should you have extended early voting hours?
SCOTT: I’m very confident that the right thing happened. 4.4. million people voted.

Scott repeated the same statement almost verbatim to another station, WFTV:

SCOTT: The right thing happened. 4.4 million people came out and voted either absentee or early. On Election Day we had 20 times as many polling locations as we did early. So we did the right thing.

Watch it:

Floridians were reportedly still voting in Miami-Dade County at 1:52 am when President Obama gave his acceptance speech. A poll found that minorities and Democrats were far more likely to face longer voting lines than Republicans and white voters.