Fox News Contributor Compares President Obama’s Second Term Agenda To The Nazis

During a panel discussion this afternoon on Fox News’ program Happening Now, network contributor Cal Thomas hijacked a discussion about the media’s coverage of the presidential election by invoking a Nazi comparison to describe President Obama’s second-term agenda.

THOMAS: But look, about that Newsweek cover, if that’s Napoleon, people who know anything history know about Waterloo. Napoleon’s problem was he was overextended in Russia like so many other advancing systems, the Nazis being just another one of them. I think if Obama takes this as a mandate to complete the restructuring of America, he is sadly mistaken.

Thomas was referring to this week’s unfortunate cover of Newsweek magazine, which portrays President Obama as the French general above the headline “The Obama Conquest: Lucky General of Master of the Game?” Without offering a shred of evidence to support his claim that Obama would use his reelection as a mandate “to complete the restructuring of America,” — probably because no such evidence exists — Thomas reminded his viewers that the Nazis also sought to introduce a new system of governance.

Watch it:

Cal Thomas is a long time Fox News contributor and Washington Examiner columnist, carving out a niche for offensive, false and otherwise inappropriate comments. In February, he called MSNBC host Rachel Maddow “the best argument in favor of her parents using contraception,” and blamed the horrific attacks in Norway last year on lax gun laws just three days after 80 people, mostly young children, were murdered.