Introducing ‘TP Ideas:’ A New Section On Political Thought

We’re happy to announce a new project at Think Progress called “TP Ideas.” Over the years, we’ve come to see that our readers appreciate some perspective on political life, both with respect to TP’s bread-and-butter topics (like the economy, foreign policy, health care, climate change, immigration, LGBT and women’s rights, and the law) as well as different set of issues entirely. Alyssa’s great work on culture has helped pave the way, and now we’re expanding further.

TP Ideas will focus on books, philosophy, social science, history, demographics, and political strategy from a long range progressive perspective. The goal is to engage with ideas across the ideological spectrum and to use historical and theoretical research to cast light on contemporary problems, including the current ideological movements that dominate contemporary American and global politics. Some posts will be short or tied to the day’s events. Others will be longer or unfold in a series on a specific subject or book. We hope to add author interviews and possibly a book club down the road as well

Here are a few recent posts to give you an idea of what TP Ideas will look like going forward:

Sheryl Sandberg, Meet Richard Nixon: Why We Don’t Have Universal Childcare

Not Just Single Ladies: How Single Men Are Becoming An Important Part Of The Progressive Coalition

10 Years Later: What Everyone Should Know Now About The Darfur Genocide

How The American Left Has Gotten The Upper Hand

We welcome your thoughts on how to make TP Ideas work best and hope you’ll get involved in these debates as we move forward.

– The Editors


If you’re interested in following what we put out, all TP Ideas posts will be organized under the “TP Ideas” tag just below this update.

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