Former Massachusetts Senator Suggests He Might Run In New Hampshire

Scott Brown, the Republican who served for two years as a Massachusetts senator, told Fox News Sunday he hasn’t ruled out retooling his senate ambitions to focus on the seat from the neighboring state of New Hampshire. Brown originally won the Massachusetts seat held by Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) in a 2010 special election after Kennedy passed away, but was booted from office two years later with the election of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

Brown said “nothing’s off the table and nothing’s on the table” when he was asked about a possible New Hampshire run this morning by Chris Wallace, but not before fellow panelist Karl Rove was able to slip in an attempt to justify Brown’s dual-state loyalties:

CHRIS WALLACE Senator Brown, there is talk that you mighty make Senate run again in 2014. But not in Massachusetts, in New Hampshire. Why new Hampshire?

SCOTT BROWN: I’m not gonna comment on that obviously. I think it’s important to continue to do my job here and challenge people to do things better.

WALLACE: But you did say nothing’s off the table.

BROWN: Nothing’s off the table and nothing’s on the table. Right now I’m recharging the batteries and working hard.

KARL ROVE: This guy is a ninth generation New Hampshirite. That’s the dirty little secret. His mother lives there.

Brown’s current job is counsel and de facto provider of Washington contacts for the law and lobbying firm Nixon Peabody. (Senators may not engage in out-and-out lobbying for two years after leaving office, under United States law.) Among their clients is the Wall Street titan Goldman Sachs, which gave Brown $10,000 in PAC donations for the 2012 campaign cycle, along with over $100,000 more in contributions from the bank’s individual employees.

During his short stay in the Senate, Brown worked to water down and weaken the financial regulatory law Dodd-Frank, and earned the moniker of one of “Wall Street’s Favorite Congressmen” from Forbes Magazine.

Brown has since joined Fox News Channel as a contributor, and according to The Hill he owns a house in New Hampshire and has emphasized his family ties to the state.