Congressional Candidate Finds Insurance-Covered Birth Control As Outrageous As Nazi Groups

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The current Republican frontrunner to replace Rep. Tom Latham’s (R-IA) seat in Congress is surprised there is not more outrage that Obamacare covers the costs of birth control. After all, candidate Monte Shaw thinks Obamacare is no different from a law that requires Jews to serve neo-Nazis or African-Americans to paint portraits of the Ku Klux Klan.

“Think of the outrage that would be out there if they tried to pass a law that said a Jewish printer had no choice but to print up handbills for a neo-Nazi rally,” Shaw said at an Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition debate on Monday, according to audio posted by RH Reality Check. “Or an African-American artist had no choice but had to paint a portrait of the local grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. The outrage would be out there. And I would be joining that outrage. But I’m just as outraged that the government thinks they can tell our religious institutions that they have to provide services that run exactly counter to their religious beliefs.”

The birth control mandate Shaw referenced is currently before the Supreme Court, where Hobby Lobby has fought for private corporations to be exempted on religious grounds under the Constitution. Obamacare already exempts religious institutions from providing birth control coverage. What the outcry usually misses is that women aren’t getting their birth control for free. They pay for the basic preventative care through their insurance plans, and the mandate ensures they do not pay an additional out-of-pocket cost. That’s saved U.S. women a total $483 million in one year.

True to Godwin’s Law, it’s not very difficult to find examples of conservatives comparing expanded reproductive health care to the Nazis. You can find the comparisons repeated on Fox News, by elected state-level officials, and in the U.S. Senate. More recently, a Tennessee state senator reacted to 8 million people signing up for health care coverage to the Nazi death trains for concentration camps.