Fox News Pundits Lash Out At Karl Rove Over Hillary Remarks: ‘You’re Generating Sympathy For Her’


Two Fox News contributors lashed out at Karl Rove on Fox News Sunday for suggesting that Hillary Clinton experienced brain damage after suffering a concussion during her tenure as Secretary of State, arguing that his attacks were unfair and could actually end up helping her potential presidential candidacy.

Bringing up Rove’s long history of personally attacking political opponents as an operative for President George W. Bush and other Republicans, Fox News contributor Juan Williams argued that the remarks “remind everybody that you, your past as a very effective political operative, have gone after people, the Swift Boating of John Kerry, going after people… you may be helping Hillary Clinton.”

During an off-the-record event in Chicago last week, Rove claimed Clinton had spent “30 days in the hospital.” “And when she reappears,” he recounted, “she’s wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury? We need to know what’s up with that.”

“The GOP at this moment is apoplectic over Hillary Clinton,” Williams went on. “Hillary Clinton is to blame for Benghazi, for Nigeria. Hillary Clinton is to blame for Monica Lewinsky. Hillary Clinton was a terrible Secretary of State. You guys are going crazy!” he said.

Fellow contributor Kirsten Powers also called out Rove for tripling down on his “brain damage” claims on the air by defining concussion as a “type of traumatic brain injury.” “He’s doing it now, he’s just doing it again!” she exclaimed as Rove read off the definition. Watch it:

Several prominent Republicans, including Newt Gingrich, criticized Rove’s remarks for attacking Clinton personally rather than picking a fight over her policy proposals. Confronted with Gingrich’s criticism on the show, Rove can be heard saying “gag me.”