Congressman Predicts Congress Will Consider Impeaching Obama ‘Very Seriously’


Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA)

A Republican senate candidate opened the door to impeaching President Obama on Wednesday, telling a local radio station that Congress “could go in that direction.”

Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), who is facing off off against businessman David Perdue next week to secure the Republican senate nomination, is one of the few elected Republicans officials to endorse impeachment since former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin called on the party to embrace the measure earlier this month.

“Not a day goes by when people don’t talk to us about impeachment,” Kingston told the Aaron McCready Show. “I don’t know what rises to that level yet, but I know that there’s a mounting frustration that a lot of people are getting to and I think Congress is going to start looking at it very seriously.”

He added, “I mean, I think it’s possible, it keeps getting worse and worse. It could go in that direction.”

Kingston’s primary opponent does not support impeachment. And while Republican leadership has also dismissed the notion, Democrats have raised more than $3 million off the suggestion.