All 50 States Have Set High Temperature Records This July

With the East Coast heat wave this weekend, every state in the union has seen record high temperatures this month — Delaware was the last to fall to the heat. Record highs have outpaced record lows by a ratio of five to one: There have been 2,068 record high daily maximum temperatures in the United States, 1.5 percent of all the measurements. There have been only 380 record low minimum temperatures, 0.3 percent of the readings. More remarkably, and consistent with the expected effect of higher greenhouse gas concentrations, nights have been even warmer — 4,638 record high daily minimum temperatures were recorded, 3.4 percent of all readings. There have been only 638 record low daily maximum temperatures, 0.5 percent of all readings:

Record daily high temperatures, July 1-23, 2011. NOAA NCDC

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