Donald Trump Opposes Offshore Wind Farm, Says It Will Ruin View From His Golf Course

Right-wing mogul and reality-show star Donald Trump is opposing the construction of an offshore wind farm in Scotland because it will “interfere” with his planned golf course. The Aberdeen Bay wind farm would be 1.5 miles away from the golf course Trump is constructing — by destroying the natural landscape. The Guardian reports that Trump will use “any legal means” in his attempt to block the windfarm, supported by the European commission and the Scottish government:

Donald Trump has pledged to use “any legal means” to block the building of an offshore windfarm near his championship golf course in Aberdeenshire, claiming the development would spoil his view.

Trump, of course, has no problems violating the law to ruin other people’s views. In 2006, Trump built an illegal 70-foot flagpole at his Rancho Palos Verdes golf course. In all likelihood, this is just an attempt by Trump to lash out at wind, the source of much mockery.

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