Out Of Step With Rest Of Nation, Only One In Three Tea Partiers Think Global Warming Is Real

A new survey on global warming by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communications finds that self-described members of the Tea Party movement are distinctly more skeptical of global warming than all other Americans. Only 34 percent of Tea Party members say they believe global warming is happening, compared to 78 percent of Democrats, and 53 percent of non-Tea Party Republicans:

Yale/George Mason University poll, May 2011. Margin of error +/- 3%.

Ironically, Tea Party members are much more likely than other groups to believe they are “very well informed,” and are much more likely to say they “do not need any more information” about global warming to make up their minds. A majority among all four groups — Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Tea Party members — said they support funding for research into renewable energy.

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