Gavin Newsom At CGI: Choose Between ‘Fuels From Hell’ And Renewable Jobs Economy

ThinkProgress Green is reporting live from the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting in New York City.

At a Clinton Global Initiative press conference discussing how labor leaders are investing in the green economy, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) noted that the Earth Policy Institute has found that investment in energy retrofits creates more than seven times as many jobs as investment in coal-fired power plants. He then described that Americans have the choice between the “fuels from hell” — dirty, risky fossil fuels and nuclear fuel — and clean power from renewable energy and energy efficiency:

You can go back to the old economy and the fuels from hell, the coal economy and nuclear, or you can get into the renewable economy and actually create more jobs, reduce your costs, and begin to focus on the global perspective and be more competitive with smart infrastructure and 21st century infrastructure.

Watch it:

In an interview with ThinkProgress Green, Newsom said that nature has offered us the chance to use “fuels from heaven” like solar and wind. He believes that states must lead the way to solve the practical and political challenges of investment in a clean energy economy, because of the stagnation at the federal level.

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