Poll: Swing Voters Show Sensitivity To Officials’ Positions On Clean Air

House members’ anti-clean air actions may hurt their re-election bids, a new poll from the NRDC Action Fund and Hart Research Associates finds. A majority of those polled responded less favorably after political ads ran on three representatives’ positions on a clean air measure.

Voter support clearly drops for the two candidates voting to weaken public health rules. As the chart below illustrates, a majority responded less favorably to Rep. Tim Walberg’s (R-MI) and Rep. Steve Stivers’ (R-OH) support for weaker air quality standards, with at least a quarter responding much less favorably. Support for Stivers fell a huge 15 points after the ads, shrinking his lead over an unnamed opponent to only five points.

The reverse effect in polls proved true as well, for the member who took a pro-clean air position. A majority of voters found Rep. Betty Sutton (D-OH) more favorable, leading to a five-point uptick over her unnamed opponent.

The polling only reinforces how Senators made the right decision last week for their political futures — if not for the quality of public health — by voting down Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s (R) attempt to overturn key air regulations.

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