Anchorage Sees Record Snow

“From July 1 through Tuesday, Anchorage has received 81.3 inches of snow,” the Associated Press reports. “Meteorologist Shaun Baines said that makes it the snowiest period for Anchorage since records have been kept. If the pace keeps up through the last snows in either April or May, Anchorage is on track to have the snowiest winter ever, surpassing the previous record of 132.8 inches in 1954-55, Baines said. About 150 miles to the southeast of Anchorage, the Prince William Sound community of Cordova has already been buried under 172 inches of snow since Nov. 1 and is trying to dig out from recent storms.” Global warming has significantly increased the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere, and unforeseen weather patterns have left the lower 48 in record warm, dry conditions while Alaska experiences record storms, including a freak polar cyclone in November.

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