George Allen Invests In, Works For, And Campaigns Around Dirty Energy Corporations

LCV Ad: Senator George Allen - One Of the Worst Environmental Records Ever

League of Conservation Voters Ad Against George Allen

Former Sen. George Allen (R-VA), who is trying to regain the seat he lost in 2006, is making his support for pro-coal, oil, and energy corporation policies a huge part of his campaign. And a ThinkProgress Green analysis of his personal and campaign finance disclosure forms may show why.

In August, Allen submitted his required candidate financial disclosure report to the Secretary of the Senate. In it, he revealed:

He owns between $108,009 and $370,000 in coal, oil, and other energy companies’ stock. The include holdings in Chevron Group, Devon Energy, Peabody Energy, General Electric, Praxair, Constellation Energy Group Inc., Nextera Energy Inc., Encana Corp., and Dominion Resources Inc.

He received at least $15,000 in consulting and speaking fees from the dirty sector sector in the previous year. Those came in the form of a $5,000 speaker’s fee from the Ohio Coal Association and $5,000-or-larger consulting payments from both Alpha Natural Resources and the investment branch of Peabody Energy.

He was paid $20,000 for his work as chairman of the American Energy Freedom Center, a pro-dirty energy group which engages in global warming denial. The organization is connected with the Exxon-Mobil Corporation-funded Institute for Energy Research.

Read the disclosure form (.PDF).

Since his first run for Congress in a 1991 special election, Allen has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from energy-sector corporate PACs. This includes some of the worst polluters in the country: Koch Industries (at least $28,500), Dominion Resources Inc. (at least $20,000), Occidental Petroleum (at least $17,000), Southern Company (at least $13,500), ExxonMobil (at least $12,500), and Marathon Oil (at least $10,100).

So it’s no wonder that Allen’s running a hugely pro-energy sector campaign. He advocates for more offshore drilling, construction of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline which would bring no jobs to Virginia, and deregulation. His @georgeallenva Twitter feed contains a non-stop parade of complaints about “gasoline prices,” “costs of fuel,” and “energy prices.” One recent Allen tweet pledged “On day one I will introduce a bill to open VA’s coast for exploration for oil and natural gas.”

Allen attempts to convince voters that his pro-industry policies would somehow bring gas prices back to $1.84 — rather than simply increase profits for the energy companies he invests in and worked for. But domestic oil production is at its highest point in nearly a decade while prices continue to rise.

In his one term in the senate from 2001 to 2007, Allen amassed what the League of Conservation Voters called “one of the worst environmental records ever.” Should Virginia return him to the senate, it seems clear Big Oil, Big Coal, and Big Energy would have his vote and his undivided attention.

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