Colbert Agrees With Mitt, Rick, And Newt: Plants, Windmills And Algae Are Dumb

Last night, Stephen Colbert mocked the Republican presidential candidates for their derision of climate science and clean energy. Colbert took on Rick Santorum’s pithy argument against the threat of carbon dioxide pollution (“Tell that to a plant“), Mitt Romney’s attack on renewable energy and electric vehicles (“You can’t drive a car with a windmill on it“) and Newt Gingrich’s mockery of biofuels research (“Algae!“):

Watch it:

Colbert imagined what the past would have been like if the GOP’s present-day anti-science obsession held sway then.

“Hold on there sport, you want to cure my syphilis with the mold on a hunk of bread? I’d rather remain blind and insane,” Colbert said. “And I’m pretty sure these gentlemen [the GOP candidates] feel the same way.”

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